Jumat, 24 April 2009

Japanese Harajuku Style

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Visiting Japan is not complete if it does not state the mode clothing that Sakura Country. Japanese youth and young woman stand on fashion and appearance in every activity. But no one when Japan is a country that made fashion role model by countries in Asia.
Style of Japanese men and women did not regularly provide exactly unique. Dtyle that not even bustmake fashion rule the good and true is often called the Harajuku style. However, Asia is the center mode Japan is the reasonable country reach the best predicate of mode. What do you think about that?
This image taken from http://love-handbags-for-life.co.uk

Selasa, 07 April 2009

Comfortable High Heels

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Shoes, high heels are very beautiful and wonderful in the foot. In some formal events such as wedding parties or dinner usually some women more confident use of this type of shoe. Here are these tips in choosing high heels shoes:

1. Choose the appropriate event to be attended

2. Customize the type of clothing that will be used

3. Color shoes should senada color shirt

4. Select a form not too high

5. Altitude sole shoes should be a maximum of 7 cm

6. Accent decoration shoe should not crowded

7. Not too much metal in shoes

8. Choose shoes that light

9. Choose shoes are more flexible material

With a few tips on the shoes may not only beautify the appearance of women, but can provide a sense of comfort throughout the event. Not only that by selecting and using the right type of shoes will provide more value for the users and owners.


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